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Dealing With Your Carpet’s Odor 

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What’s best about professional and highly trained carpet cleaning service providers is that they are experienced and skilled to find those accidents of your furry friends using a urine probe, an ultra violet light, or both. But, the major key to proper cleaning of pet accidents in your carpet is to locate where the urine is as well as how much urine has already saturated your carpet and pad. As a matter of fact, most carpet cleaning contractors use deodorizers in order to hide the foul smell of the urine but they tend to skip a very important step and that is to remove the urine.  

Carpet’s Odor

In order to properly remove the urine from your carpet, professional carpet cleaning Joondalup must first eliminate as much urine as possible. Basically, urine is very sticky as well as nearly impossible to eliminate from the fibers of your carpet using normal carpet cleaning agents. In fact, your technician might recommend utilizing a pre-spray for urine, which is designed to eliminate approximate seventy to eighty percent more of the deposits of urine than merely carpet cleaning.  

Unluckily, nothing can remove one hundred percent of the urine, which is why you should be wary of cleaners and cleaning solutions who says that they can. After that, you can also choose to have the remaining urine treated in order to get rid of the odor. There are also some professional carpet cleaning companies that don’t use deodorizers.  

The trick that they do is to simply neutralize the urine odor and not to mask it. This is because deodorizers can also give an awful smell when they are mixed with the smell of the urine. These two important steps, odor neutralizer and urine removal, are actually very effective when it comes to treating most pet odor issues and this can only be done efficiently and effectively with the help of a professional and highly skilled carpet cleaning service provider.  

Furthermore, in other severe cases, you might also need to perform what is called as an odor and stain removal treatment or the OSR treatment. This is a very effective way to clean your carpets, which has been saturated with pet urine in localized areas. Using this procedure, your residential or commercial carpet flooring and pad are being flooded with urine remover and steam.  

After that, a subsurface extraction equipment locks on to the surface of your carpet as well as removes all the urine and moisture from your carpet flooring and underlying pad. Actually, this fairly unique and advance treatment is referred to as the complete flushing of your carpet and the pad. You can definitely be able to expect great results using an OSR treatment. Carpet surface odor treatments have drastically improved over the last decade. As a matter of fact, it’s very rare that carpet pad replacement is needed these days.  

But, in the most severe scenarios of pet urine damage, professional carpet cleaning experts can be able to pull up your carpet and thoroughly clean its both sides, as well as replace the pad and treat the subfloor. This is actually the only most effective and guaranteed wat to remove the pet urine completely. 

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